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Special K Challenge

The Special K Diet is the 2 week challenge often seen advertised on TV as a great way to drop a jean size in just 2 weeks. If you have ever tried a bowl of Special K in the past you would probably understand why it is considered a challenge to attempt to eat it for 2 weeks.
before special k challengeAll Jokes aside the photo shown on the right is what has spurred me on to take on the challenge and fingers crossed, this blog post should soon see all 3 videos as part of a 3 part series set over 2 weeks, each showing the weight dropping off all thanks to the Special K Diet.

The Special K 2 week challenge diet plan consists of replacing two meals a day with a bowl of “delicious” Special K and the one normal meal as well as 2 Special K snacks to have between meals. It does all sound like Kellogg’s are just out to make you buy their products and to be honest they are!
But, lets allow the result to do the talking, as long as it gets rid of the excess body fat who cares…

Starting out on the Special K Challenge


Special K Diet After Week 1


Special K Diet Final Results


special k diet plan

Special K Diet
An independent review into the Special K 2 week challenge to assess the effectiveness of the diet plan and if you can actually drop a jean size as the adverts suggest.
Kellogg's Special K
Date Published: 04/01/2013
3 / 5 stars

The Next Step

So once you have watched these videos you would have seen the huge amount of weight I lost and seen why I will not be spending anymore more time on this special k diet, instead I shall be trying out the latest health and lifestyle challenge to hit the UK. In fact at the time I am writing this (15th April 2013) the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge has not even officially launched in the UK, it does not officially launch until June but you can still try out the challenge early if you know where to look. I looked here ;-)


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